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Map 25.Title:Borough Of Plymouth,Date: 1820.Size: 220 x 295 mm.Imprint(s): Pubd April 15. 1820. by Mrs E Nile, No. 48 Union St, Stonehouse with price (1s 6d) and ENGRAVING & COPPER-PLATE PRINTING OFFICE (below).Signature(s):Engraved By John Cooke(in title panel).Location(s): NLS 3.603(4), BL 533.e.30.(9.), EWSL, WDRO.
Comments:There is a dedication on a tablet in vignette (Da) to the Mayor, commonalty and inhabitants from John Cooke. Scale of half a Mile (1/2 = 70 mm). The inclusion of the price makes it apparent that the map was sold separately. However, two copies of Interesting Particulars, relative to that Great National Undertaking, the Breakwater, a joint publication of John Cooke in Stonehouse and J Johns of Plymouth Dock include this map (at NLS and BL).Facsimile copies of this map were available at Westcountry Studies Library.Link to Map 26.
Map 26. Title: Plan Of The Towns & Harbour Of Plymouth, Dock, Devonport, Morice-Town, Stoke, And The Environs, In The County Of Devon.Date: 1820.Size: 375 x 515 mm.Imprint(s):Survey'd Drawn & Published by S Elliott. Landsurveyor &c Orchard Place Plymouth.Signature(s): Engraved by John Cooke, Stonehouse, Plymouth, 1820.Location(s): EWSL or WDRO and DoC[1].Comments: Reissued with changes.
26.2.DEVONPORT replaces DOCK in both the title and as the heading to Reference section B (as a consequence Morice-Town in the title has been rewritten slightly further to the right). Date removed by Cooke´s signature. Plymouth and Dartmoor Railway added from LARY (was LAIRA in earlier edition) across to Rope Walk at Sutton Pool. The line of the Intended new Road to Lary Bridge added as well as the Railway Granite Works. Generally more streets named.EWSL OM B/PLY/1825/ELL.

Link to Map 27.
[1] Sarah Bendall in Dictionary of Land Surveyors has the entry The Water of Tamar (Plymouth, Stonehous…
Map 27. Title:Cooke’s Guide To Plymouth Sound And Breakwater.Date: 1819 [1821].Size: 150 x 140 mm inside border (185 mm total).Imprint(s): Pubd for & sold by Mrs E Nile, 48, Union Street, Stonehouse, Aug 12, 1819.Signature(s): Engd by John Cooke.Location(s): NLS 3.603(4) and KB. (Other libraries hold this work but only identify “maps”.)
Comments: Two copies found in editions of Interesting Particulars, relative to that Great National Undertaking, the Breakwater, Plymouth Dock; J Johns: Stonehouse; John Cooke. (1821). Note: some copies of this work have a different map, Borough of Plymouth (see 25 above).Below the bottom border is a Transverse section of the Breakwater and note on first stone being laid in 1812 and two further lines of text referring to the Dartmoor Railway: The first Rail was laid to the Plymouth & Dartmoor Rail Road by Sir Thomas Tyrwhitt, Augt 12, 1819. Left of this is the imprint. Right of this is the signature. Scale - Nautic Mile (1 = 23 mm). The direction…
Map 28.Title: Two plans of the breakwater being built at Plymouth. The upper plan: PLYMOUTH BREAKWATER. When finished. The lower plan: Transverse section of the Breakwater as finish'd.Date: 1820 [1821].Size: 125 x 172 mm.Imprint(s):): Augt 12th 1820.Pubd by Mrs E Nile, 48 Union Street, Stonehouse, Plymounder complete plan.Signature(s): Engraved by John Cooke Stonehouse Plymo.Location(s): BL, NLS, KB, (EWSL).
Comments: Included in Interesting Particulars, relative to that Great National Undertaking, the Breakwater. Plymouth Dock; J Johns: Stonehouse; John Cooke. (Preface dated January, 1821). The signature is below upper scale:Scale is 50 + 1000 yards to 102 mm. Lower Scale is 100 + 100 feet is 85 mm.Link to Map 29.
Map 29. Title:Map Of The Country Twelve Miles Round Plymouthin laurel wreath.Date: 1821.Size: 220 x 285 mm.Imprint(s): Published for the Panorama of Plymouth by Rowes Whimple St. 1821.Signature(s): Engd by J. Cooke Stonehouse below the title.Location(s): BL 10368.a.65 and V&A, EWSL, KB.
Comments: In The Panorama of Plymouth ... By Samuel Rowe.Plymouth. Rowes. 1821. The scale is established by 5 mile squares and numbering along the borders. Link to Map 30.

Map 30.Title: Two plans of the breakwater at Plymouth. The upper plan: COOKE’S PLYMOUTH BREAKWATER. The lower plan: TRANSVERSE section of the Finished part of the BREAKWATER.Date: 1823.Size: 190 x 320 mm.Imprint(s): see signature.Signature(s): Taken , Engraved and Published by John Cooke 48, Union Street, Stonehouse, Plymo and datedAugust 21st 1823.Location(s): BL Maps 2147.(1.).
Comments: UpperScale is 1000 yards = 170 mm. Lower Scale is 100 + 100 feet is 135 mm.Note: The first stone was laid August 12th 1812. This map first appeared in 1823,possibly as a single sheet plan. This is a much larger and much changed variation of Cooke´s first breakwater plan (see 28). The breakwater is now seen from the other side and there is more detail (eg hatching is designed to show stages in completion) but certain characteristics are retained (e.g. First stone laid, or tide markings). The plan also has a list of tonnages of stone added to the breakwater during certain years from 1820 to 1823. 30.2.D…
Map 31. Title:Cooke’s Chart of Plymouth Sound, and General Guide to Plymouth, Devonport and Stonehousein panel slightly right of top centre.Date: 1824.Size: 540 x 420 mm.Imprint(s):Published Octr 25, 1824 by JOHN COOKE ENGRAVER & GEOGRAR and there is the added information that Cooke was (late engraver to the Admiralty) 48, Union St., Stonehouse Plymo.Signature(s): see above.Location(s): BL Maps 2140.(3.) and G.20269 and at WDRO.
Comments: There is a note above top border: UNDER THE patronage OF THE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, PLYMOUTH.Further imprint (right of title): Entered at Stationer´s Hall, London. Price 3s 6d. Top right is a vignette of Tor House. Border on three sides, no border at bottom. Panel of Leading Marks (Ad). Map is very similar in style to the Chart ... Taken 1817 (see Cooke 22).From Entrance of the Lynher (Aa) to just east of Efford (Ea) with Rame Head (Ae) and the Mewstone in border (Ee). The breakwater appears virtually central. Link to Map 32.

Map 32. Title:Cooke's Stranger's Guide And Pocket Plan of the three Towns Of Plymouth, Devonport And Stonehouse.Date: 1827.Size: 260 x 365 mm.Imprint(s): Pubd Octr 1st 1827 by John Cooke 82 Union Street Stonehouse Plymo. Pr. 1s.6d. – Entd at Stationers Hall.Signature(s): See imprint.Location(s): KB, EWSL.
Comments: Sold separately (see price) but this copy bound into The Traveller’s Directory, and Stranger's Guide to the Three Towns, Plymouth, John Cooke, 1828 (as required on title page). Attractive triangular patterned border. Link to Map 33.

Map 33. Title: The Environs Of PLYMOUTH DEVONPORT AND STONE HOUSE. The title is within a lozenge and to Subs.5s. Sellg. Pr. 7s.Title continues A Companion to the Different Guides of the Neighbourhood.Date: [1828].Size: 246 x 273 mm.Imprint(s):Engraved & Sold by John Cooke Union Stt Stonehouse.Signature(s): see above.Location(s): WDRO.Comments: Set of four maps. The plate has a piano key border on two sides and a plain two line border on the ‘joining’ sides. A note above the border reads PLATE. 1. (2, 3, or 4). Scale of Statute Miles (2 = 49 mm).
33.2. 1830 Maps combined on one sheet (485 x 550 mm), notes on 4 sheets and price remain. The plate has a piano key border, notes above the border. (Tooley DE24).The Environs of Plymouth Devonport And Stone House …, Stonehouse. John Cooke. (1830). , BL[i].33.3. 1840 The map is issued in two vertical sheets with the borders adjusted accordingly.The title is re-engraved: THE ENVIRONS OF Plymouth, Stonehouse and Devonport Published by William …
Map 35. Title:A Map of the Whole of the Dartmoor Forest, Devon, From Okehampton to Saltram, And from Lydford to Chagford:Date: [1840]Size: 340 x 610 mm.Imprint(s):Signature(s):Engraved on two adjoining copper plates By John Cooke, Engr. and Geogr Extry to his late Majy in the 75th year of Age.Location(s): Berlin, Kart. H 5060.[1]
Comments:The title is top centre of the sheet with text on both sides beginning on the left hand side as A Sketch of Contents of Dartmoor. This finishes below the title and the right hand column is The Principal and Secondary Rivers etc. There is no bottom border to map. The map was reissued at least twice.35.2. 1850 Below the title is the imprint: PUBLISHED BY WILLIAM WOOD, FORE STREET, DEVONPORT with an advert for N T Carrington's works (see below)[2]. Bottom border scuffed and unclear. South Devon railway through Plympton. Loose sheet published by W Wood of Devonport. EWSL.35.3. 1870 As above: railway to Launceston. Loose sheet published by W Wood of De…