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  John Cooke                  Engraver and Publisher: 1765 - 1845                         INTRODUCTION JOHN COOKE – of London and Plymouth SECOND EDITION   An avid collector of Devon guidebooks I soon became aware that a certain John Cooke had either engraved or engraved and published plans of the city of Plymouth or of its breakwater. Some of my research was later put into an article about the Plymouth Breakwater. [1] I had managed to acquire a number of maps and plans depicting this monumental enterprise and Cooke´s name appeared several times. The name Cooke is certainly not rare. However, there appeared to be two or even three engravers of that name around this time, with two operating from London, the other from Stonehouse, Plymouth. According to Tooley´s Dictionary of Mapmakers (the most reliable source at that time) there seemed to be a father and son team [2] of John and Charles Cooke in London as well as a possible second John in London and yet another one in Plymouth. In t